large covered clean modern patio with dining table and couch

Whether you have a porch, patio or backyard…with the warmer days and nights approaching, this area becomes a useful second living room.  Before you buy new pillows for your outdoor furniture and add new flowers to the flower beds, let’s clean this wonderful, outdoor area before we spruce.


Take a moment and review your outdoor space…

  • Do you have empty flower beds that have weeds growing in them?
  • Does your BBQ Grill still have charcoal from last spring?
  • Do you have a smoking pot where you put your ashes from cigarettes or cigars?

Remove all of the old debris from these places so that you can refill them.

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photo credit: Landscape Design Advisor via photopincc


If you have an outdoor patio umbrella now is the time to open it to get all of the dead bugs and debris out of it’s crevices before the next use.

Patio Furniture will most likely be covered in dust so remove all of the cushions and spray and scrub with a soft bristled brush to remove grime.

  1. Patio Cushions.  Before deciding to replace them they may fit in your washing machine for a quick cycle wash and air dry.  If not, go ahead and use your hose on a high power setting to spray off as much built up dust as possible.  (Tip…Don’t place the patio cushions on the chairs until your first use of the patio.  The green pollen hasn’t settled yet and will settle into the soft fabrics the most).  After washing them, place them in a storage bin or your garage to keep them clean until ready for use.

Flower beds may have accumulated more weeds than flowers.  Remove the weeds and debris and fill them with new dirt to prep them for the Spring flower arrangements.

2.  BBQ Grill.
The grill, if not kept covered, may need some personal attention both inside and out.  Remove any old charcoal and debris from the inside and give the outside a thorough wipe down.  It’s best to clean the inside grill grates while the grill is on a warm setting with a soft wire grill brush.  (Tip…After cleaning the grates with the grill brush cut an onion in half and wipe it over the grates to keep it clean.  Keep this in mind before and after you grill in the future to keep the grill clean).

Once fully cleaned, spray cooking oil on the grates to keep your next meal from sticking and the clean up after easier as well!


3.  Concrete and Walls.
Floors, windows, and screens are the most used yet least cleaned areas of the patio.  We step along with our pets all over the outdoor spaces all year round.  Then, we open our windows to let the spring time air in and our screens stop a lot of dirt from getting into our homes.  Let’s clean these neglected areas quickly and easily.

The best way to clean the concrete from a years worth of grime is to rent or buy a power washer. It is a very tedious process but the best way to make the concrete look fresh. 

Before you decide on the solution to add to the pressure washer make sure it is environmentally friendly since it will be seeping into the earth and your water supply eventually.  Click here for a list of environmentally friendly pressure washer solutions that are Pet, Human and Earth friendly.

4.  Windows.

Your outdoor windows and walls may be harboring some spiders and their homes.  Take a blower and blow out the areas that seal your home – like your windows and doors –  to remove the debris from winter bugs.

It’s also a great time to mix a solution of vinegar and water to clean off your outdoor patio windows.

5.  Screens.

Don’t forget to take the screens off the windows and give them a good scrubbing too.  They hold a lot of dust and, if neglected, can get so clogged with yearly dust you can’t see through them.


Now that everything in your outdoor living space has been reviewed, cleared and cleaned you can analyze what needs to be replaced. 

  • While cleaning your grill you may have noticed you are low on charcoal or propane .  Now’s a good time to buy it before you decide to grill.
  • The patio chair cushions might have been home to a few squirrels or other outdoor pets.  If they weren’t able to be cleaned, spruce up your patio furniture by replacing them.
  • If you noticed any rips in your screens or cracks in your windows while cleaning them, put a repair note on your to do list before you decide to open your windows for some fresh spring air.

We spend a lot of time in our outdoor spaces and they are really become second living rooms to some of us. Most of us that have pets understand that our outside patio spaces become our pets’ first living room spaces.  They too will enjoy a clean living room!  Light up the BBQ grill, pour some lemonade, and relax on your clean or new patio pillows because Spring is here!