person opening a door

We touch so many things on a regular basis that we forget to clean the major items we touch the most. Sure we vacuum, mop and dust, but disinfecting the most touched items is a must for flu control in our homes. Just think about it… When you left home this morning the last thing you touched was the doorknob and the first thing you will touch when you arrive back home will be that same doorknob. Now think back to when was the last time you disinfected that doorknob? If you are not using Penny’s Personal touch cleaning services I would have to guess close to never. Remote controls, light switches, door knobs, toilet levers, refrigerator handles are amongst the most touched items in our homes. Germs are spread on these items the quickest because they are the most touched items in your home that get overlooked. With flu and cold season upon us it is time to kick it up a notch in the disinfecting phase of your day to day cleaning. It will take you less than 5 minutes to properly disinfect the most overlooked places germs spread in your home. Fill a bottle with the following solution for the disinfecting process. Half filled with white distilled vinegar and half filled with water. Add 30 drops of tea tree oil and get to spraying! Spray down door knobs, light switches, toilet handles and wipe down remotes. No need to wipe off the cleaner except for on the remote. Those ingredients combined will kill the common cold and flu germs in your home.Serving Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Cedar Park with Eco friendly maid services since 1996