Warning about the placement of oil diffusors and plugins

Before you place it, plug 🔌 it and smell 👃🏽 it, you need to know this expensive mistake thatwe have seen many people make without knowing. I myself didn’t even think this was a problem until we were providing a move out cleaning in Austin in The Seven Building. The resident was paying about 6k for monthly rent so he wanted to make sure he moved out and left it as clean as when he moved in. We could handle the cleaning side but we couldn’t handle the damage that his Wallflower Plug In had made on the bathroom mirror.


Since you cannot see the oil dispersing into the air but you can smell it then you know it is working.  Have you ever thought of where does the oil actually go? Once a diffuser is constantly running it disperses into the air in an upwards motion. So it is best not to place the diffuser in an area is close to any surface above it.  We have seen damage on mirrors, paintings, cabinets and towel holders from the placement of oil dispensers.


Where Is The Safest Place To Place An Oil Diffuser?

Since most oil diffusers are a combination of water and essential oils of some kind it’s best to keep in mind also the surface we place the dispenser on.   If placing on any stone surface, whether it is a polished stone or not, place a protector underneath.  We recommend just not placing anything containing oil on any stone or wood surface just to be safe.  Oil Diffusers need to be in open clear areas from the top and bottom.  They do not blow sideways but they can be accidentally spilled by your cat having fun on the counter or by any human mistake in quick movement.  about:blank

Alert On A Must Have Communication to Your Austin Home Cleaning Service

One of the biggest pet peeves that I hear from people is that ” The Maid Moved My Stuff” and I can empathize with this situation.  It’s very hard not to clean thoroughly without moving things but it’s even harder to remember where every item goes perfectly in a strangers home.  When we provide maid services in Roundrock, Bee Caves, Lakeway, or Downtown Austin Apartments we make sure to add this tip to our training.  The  first tip is that if it is plugged in we don’t unplug it or move it. When we do clean rooms we clean in a very ritualistic manner so that items are not moved to other areas of the room but are dusted around or picked up and placed neatly.  
When we provide personalized estimates for Home Cleaning in Austin we walk room by room with clients to know and ask what to touch and what to clean around.  
That’s keeping the Personal Touch in clean.