shiny hardwood flooring

Wood floors are a huge investment for your home. That’s why it matters what you clean them with on a regular basis so you don’t have to have them refinished to regain the gloss look. We use a Miele vacuum to vacuum all of our wood floors rather than a broom. Sweeping your floors can and will cause damage. Our Miele vacuums have an attachment especially made for wood floors. We also use a non chemical cleaner that not only cleans the floors but keeps the floors shiny without adding a coat of gloss. Most people think that they need to constantly use a cleaner that has an added gloss finish to keep the floors shiny. This type of cleaner does more harm than good in the long run. It is kind of like clear nail polish. It makes your nails look shiny but if you keep re applying the nail polish coat after coat you will end up with a heavy build up on your nails and it will cause damage. With wood floors if you use a cleaner that has an added gloss it will also build up over time and you will have to call a professional to remove all of the cleaner you applied. Let the ladies of Penny’s Personal Touch Cleaning Services take care of your wood flooring the professional way.
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