woman sleeping on white pillow

There are many household items that we should replace often but tend to neglect unless company is coming to stay over and we want to pull out the best sheets and towels.  However take a moment and be selfish and think about replacing items you yourself use often.  This one item may be hiding more secrets than your best friend and it’s time to replace it. I read an advertisement recently that said “We spend more time with our pillows than we do our best friends” At first I thought that was a very random silly statement but the more I thought about it…. They are right!

Our pillows are there through sickness and in health and sometimes till death do we part. That’s where the mental alarm should go off! Think about it… When you had the flu it was there, a common cold, a pet may have taken it over at night, and the list could go on forever explaining the history between you and your pillow.

Let’s face some pillow facts.  Our pillows are holding on to many secrets that could pop up again all because we decided to hold on to the relationship.

Acne Let’s all admit it that every now and then you may not wash the makeup off of your face or perform that routine shower at night.  Some days are so long that if you get your boots off before you hit the pillow you are lucky.  Well what’s on your face has been embedded into your pillow. You may wash your face the next night and fall asleep on yesterdays germs on your pillowcase.


So if you are prone to getting acne breakouts start by washing and replacing your pillow case weekly. Wash and dry it in a hot water setting.

Allergies Do your allergies tend to flare up at night? I came across an article on dust mite allergens, which said that dust mite allergens impact more than half of everyone who suffers from allergies. And where is one of the places that dust mites happily live? In pillows!


Shop around online or at your local Bed Bath & Beyond and check out their variety of a pillow protectors that are designed specifically to guard against pollen, mold, pet dander , and the dreaded dust mites. They even sell pillows specifically for allergy sufferers!

Neck and back pain While visiting our family Chiropractor Dr. Kristy Clinton of Backbone Health Restoration Center I noticed she had a pillow in her office.  I know she is a busy professional so maybe she was taking naps in the office on occasion however I doubted that statement before I asked.  I did however ask the front receptionist on why there was a pillow in the office and she gave me a very informative pamphlet on pillows and their effects on our necks and backs.  Makes sense yet again!


A pillow that keeps your neck in the most neutral position when sleeping is best. If you are a back sleeper a smaller pillow is best.  A side sleeper needs a bigger pillow. With all that being said and all the different ways we all fall asleep I would go to the store that sells pillows and just try them out before you buy them!

History I have come across many clients that refuse to rid their beds of their pillows.  No matter how many yellow stains are adding up (Most likely midnight drool stains) or how all of the inside cotton of the pillow is on one side now rather than filling up the entire pillow.  I know, I know you’ve had that pillow since childhood.  Well it’s time to think about replacing the pillow and making a new friend.  Pillows come and go but germs can stay for a very long time.