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​Most of us know what mold looks like, whether it forms on bread, old food in containers, or in the shower. However, what is puzzling is why there is sometimes a pink slime on  the grout in the showering area, in our toilet, or in our pet’s container of water.  Let’s find out what it is, how to get rid of it, and how to keep it GONE!

​What Is The Pink Stuff In The Shower?

The pink slime, sludge, or stain on your grout tiles is a bacteria and not mold.  It’s called Serratia bacteria and it is airborne.  It loves moist damp areas and gets more prevalent by feeding on shampoo and soap residue in the shower and pet slobber after the pet drinks from his bowl.

​Can The Pink Stuff Make Me Sick?

Yes, it can make you sick if not cleaned, because it will grow.  It will even feed on itself to multiply. Have you ever wondered how the bottom of your shower curtain becomes pink? You are bathing in bacteria. When the shower gets hot enough, the steam then allows you to breathe in the bacteria. It can cause meningitis, respiratory tract infections, fever, urinary tract infections, and many more health issues.

​Ew! How Do I Get Rid Of The Pink Stuff In My Shower?

We don’t recommend bleach, as bleach will eat away at your caulk, grout, and surfaces. We suggest mixing half white distilled cleaning vinegar, half hot water, and 20 drops of tea tree oil in a bottle. Spray the mixture and immediately wipe or scrub with a scrub brush and wipe it off.

​How Do I Keep The Pink Stuff From Coming Back?

Since it feeds in moist environments, address the damp areas. After showering, keep the curtain open to air dry out the space.  If you see it beginning to grow on the shower curtain, don’t attempt to wash it because the pink sludge stains. Just toss the shower curtain and we suggest buying an anti-mold shower curtain.
If you don’t have a liner but have a door on your showering area, we suggest leaving the shower door open after every use so the air can distribute evenly and dry the area out.  A quick squeegee helps as well!!

What Is The Pink Stuff In My Dog Bowl?

Yes…You guessed it.  Pet bowls and toilet bowls are places that have interaction where water settles. Serratia bacteria can grow there, too.  Clean them often with baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to prevent build up.

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