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The holidays are upon us and our guest rooms and bathrooms are finally getting used as they should, however are you the kind of guest that will be welcomed back?

When most of us host our friends and family in our homes we typically go out of our ways to make sure the linens are fresh, rooms cleaned to perfection, bathrooms stocked with appropriate guest supplies and the fridge ready for guests late night cravings. However some house guests may not have been taught the “House Guest Etiquette Rules” so feel free to share this posting.There will never be a time that the host will ask you to clean after yourself however it is the courteous thing to do!

Keep these rules in mind when staying with friends and family.

1. If you are arriving with children keep them under control especially when staying with people that do not have children. Teach them to clean up after themselves and to be mindful of touching.
2. Arrive with a hostess gift or exit with a hostess thank you card either in the mail or left on the bed.
3. Strip the sheets off of the beds you used so the bed can be prepared for the next guest. Don’t let your hosts have to touch the pillow cases you slobbered on.
4. No need to clean the bathroom top to bottom however removing towels and face towels and leaving them with the dirty sheets sure does help the host out!
5. Keep your space tidy. Remember this is not your home so if you typically throw your dirty clothes on the floor at home don’t do it while staying as a guest if you want to be welcomed back with open arms.
6. Don’t ask if they need any help with anything however if you see the trash is full or dishes in the sink I doubt you will be yelled at if you lend a helping hand.

Just remember when you arrive your host is going to say to “Make yourself at home” but don’t take that literally because you may not keep your home as others do. Just be mindful that they have graciously opened up their homes to you so return the favor by showing gratitude and don’t be a rude sloppy house guest!

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