pink mold on a shower curtain

Are you bathing in bacteria? We have had a few clients ask us “What is the pink slimy substance that sometimes grows in my shower?” Want the good news first?

The Good News is that it is not mold! The Bad news is that it is bacteria.
WHAT IS IT? It is called serratia marcescens

WHAT DOES IT COME FROM? It forms in moist areas of homes especially bathtubs and showers along the edges where the water rolls down and has no where else to go. Serratia bacteria are common inhabitants of our environment and can be found in many places, including
human and animal feces, dust, soil, and in surface waters. The bacteria will grow in any moist location where
phosphorous containing materials or fatty substances accumulate. Sources of these substances include soap
residues in bathing areas, feces in toilets, soap & food residues in pet water dishes.

CAN IT MAKE ME SICK? This bacteria has been found to be pathogenic to some people. It has been identified as a cause of urinary tract infections, wound infections, and pneumonia.

HOW CAN WE PREVENT IT? Preventative tip: Close your shower curtain fully after every shower. This will allow the water to drip off, rather than collecting in the folds and giving mold a happy home in which to thrive. Clean your pet bowls often as it does build up in their water bowls as well.