toilet cleaning brush sitting on top of toilet

The first toilet brush was made of animal hair and was shaped in the form of a Christmas tree. The bristles were made from hairs of the ox, badger, squirrel and horse. After years of re creating the toilet brush, finally in the 1930s the final toilet brush universal decision was made. In the early 1800s the toilet brush was made to erase germs from the interior of the toilet since disease and illnesses were spreading rapidly. Today the same is true for the brush. It is supposed to help clean the inside of the toilet bowl. However in 90% of household it does the opposite. It becomes a breading ground for germs bacteria mold and odor. Most toilet brushes are held in an air tight container that after you dip the brush in the toilet to clean it you set it in this container to store it. Most toilet brush holders do not have holes in it for air and it becomes a breeding ground for germs. One way to keep the toilet brush and it’s holder cleaner is by leaving a cup of white distilled vinegar in the holder. The vinegar will kill many types of bacteria that tend to grow in the holder and on the brush. However remember to empty and refill the vinegar solution at least once every two weeks. Keep a bottle of white distilled vinegar in the bathroom for this reason. Ikea sells toilet brushes and their holders for a dollar so to replace it can be extremely cheap especially when we think of the dirty place it has been.

Above is a picture of a beautiful bathroom that was cleaned by Penny’s Personal Touch however this toilet brush holder is breeding germs and we replaced it. Austin maid service

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