note from a very happy client thanking Pennys Personal Touch for their great service and offering a monetary tip

Appreciation comes in many forms.  Thank you cards, referrals, and tips are all forms of appreciation; however, which one of these actually may make your housekeeper smile extra hard the next time she comes to service your home? 

A Person or a Company… What is the difference?

The difference between a person who cleans your home and a company that services your home are quite significant.

An individual that services your home takes all the money that you pay them and spends it how they desire therefore they can charge whatever they feel is fit. 

company that you hire charges on more than just a desired amount.  They charge based on size of the home, length of time needed, company expenses, taxes and employee wages. The housekeeper employed by the company then gets an hourly wage and you the home owner don’t have to pay the household employee tax or become liable for anything that happens to that person while they are in your home. 


Housekeepers have one of the most under-appreciated jobs. Sometimes the homes they service may have household members that don’t even verbally acknowledge their existence in their weekly, monthly or biweekly lives.  It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. To make their jobs more pleasant why not show acknowledgment in appreciation for their work.  It could change the way your housekeeper views you and services your home going forward.  For example…You probably have a favorite neighborhood bar or restaurant you frequent.  You may request the same waiter or waitress.  You tip them kindly because of their service and you most likely go back because of that great service.  You are not tipping the cook who actually made your meal but the server who made sure it was delivered with a smile.  The next time you visit the server greets you with an extra wide smile because they know you appreciate them.  Remember: A small act of kindness goes a long way!

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What If You Were the Housekeeper?

I know we have all heard the phrase “What if the shoe was on the other foot.” Now let’s really think about that.  Some of us are mothers and we understand the art of caring for people and not being appreciated for it.  What if that was your everyday job and you cared for hundreds of people and rarely anyone showed appreciation but maybe once a year?  I can guarantee that you would probably not continue to put forth any extra effort into the art of caring beyond what is expected of you.  

We Appreciate Being Appreciated!

Tips come in many forms: Notes of appreciation, monetary and small gifts.  All are acts of kindness toward the person.  You may notice that they are not only just doing their job but doing their job very well (even going above and beyond).  Or, maybe they don’t go above and beyond, but I can guarantee that a small note of thanks for what they do may put some pep in their step. 

If leaving a monetary tip please make sure to alert the company if you have included it in your check or leave a note the day of service.  Tips are not expected in most fields and I admit that I feel a little weird getting a bill and it being a demand that I tip a certain percent – especially if the service was non-satisfactory.  Tips are, and should be, acts of kindness and appreciation to those that perform a service that affects you in a good way.  

Make your housekeeper smile by showing an act of appreciation and kindness.  I am sure one small act of kindness on your end will go very far in their next visits to your home.