large clean modern living room

Last year I sponsored a home on the Modern Homes tour in Austin. One statement that most of the guests that viewed the homes kept repeating was how clean each home was. That statement couldn’t have been further from the truth. With all the traffic the homes were getting that day, no matter how Modern they were, the dirt kept piling up. However at first glance, the homes look extremely clean because of the Modern style. The modern style does not have to be expensive, but one major rule in modern style is absolutely no clutter. Another rule in Modern style in your home is to pick large and bold furniture pieces. Too many pieces of furniture in a room can cause a clutter effect. Sometimes you don’t even have to go out and buy new furniture. Take a moment and analyze your living room. How many pieces of furniture occupy the room? How many baskets or stacks of clutter do you have? The more clutter a space has the harder it is to maintain a clean atmosphere. Keep it simple, and not only will it be easier to clean, but it will have the clean modern look all the time. Austin, Round Rock & Pflugerville Eco friendly maid services