Bedsheet with dirt stain

The last thing I wanted to see after a week of providing Austin Cleaning Services, was streaky sheets out of my own washer. I’m usually one up on the maintenance list at home, but heck, I’m not even wearing earrings anymore (I usually feel naked without my daily earrings) So the rest of the regular stuff is kind of out of sync too.

​Why Did My Washing Machine Leave Dark Marks On My Clothes?

streaks on clothes in a washing machine

I tend to wash once a week since I’m an empty nester now. I ran my darks through a cycle of washing but I don’t dry them, and that’s when I noticed some streaks. I figured it was a stain from work but I should have known better.
Next I washed my white sheets. Can I tell you that the highlight of my days are getting into bed in fresh clean sheets! Mind you, it’s about 8pm so I’m exhausted and wasn’t ready for the streak of luck I had, to now be up another hour trying to figure this dirt out.
Since I didn’t put anything in the dryer I knew it was the washer. I stuck my head and hand in to look for anything inside, but nothing was found. I knew it was the drum.
Funny that something we rely on to clean, doesn’t do it’s job, and we realize we didn’t maintain it to help it routinely work.
Routine cleaning of the washing machine helps it routinely clean your clothes. My washing machine even has a tub cycle clean button, but just like not wearing earrings daily, I got used to not maintaining my washing machine too.

washing machine cycle buttons

So the washing machine drum (especially in front loaders) gets grimy. It collects greasy residue from past loads and sometimes gets a buildup of fabric softeners and grime mixed together causing these marks on your clothes.
I don’t use fabric softener, but I do usually wash all loads in cold water. So I knew it was time to press that Tub Clean.

How To Clean The Drum Of The Washing Machine Even If You Don’t Have a Tub Clean Cycle.

washing machine manuals

Of course most machines have manuals that we store more than read right? Yes I’m guilty too, because I know what to do, but out of sight out of mind happens to the best of us. My machine even has these maintenance things that stick to the side of the washing machine.

No one is looking to the side of their machine or even inside unless they are missing a sock.

If you don’t have. Tub clean cycle, this method works just as good.

Run a heavy duty cycle on Hot and replace the detergent with White Distilled Vinegar in the dispenser.

I ran my cycle this way even though it has the tub clean and washed my sheets again to test it out.

white sheets on a king size bed with pillows

Fresh, clean sheets again!
My extra hour washing cycle could have been prevented if I ran a tub clean, or a cycle of white distilled vinegar a month to prevent it. Unless it’s scheduled like a dentist appointment most of us will forget.

How our Austin Cleaning Service Can Help You.

We can personalize a cleaning service to meet your needs. We have many downtown Austin Cleaning Service clients that are too busy to even realize their fridge has a built in filter let alone how to routinely maintain their washing machine.
We understand busy personally, and can schedule routine maintenance things like this washing machine cycle to your service.
If my own home was on our Austin Cleaning Services Routine, I would have a personalized to do list with dates and more. 

 I guess I need to be my own client so that I too can get my time back.