Pennys Personal Touch Services staff member on a high rise downtown Austin condo balcony cleaning

For those of you that do not want to hire a window washer and rather tackle the job yourself, here are a few tips. Never wash the windows when it is sunny outside. The sun makes the windows dry nearly immediately and they will for sure streak. The best time to wash windows are on the cloudy days or when the sun is not hitting the windows. Use a microfiber dry rag and a squeegee with a soft rubber band. The solutions used could be a mild soap and water for very dirty windows, or a solution of 1/10 vinegar to water spray bottle. Use a sponge drenched in the soapy solution to scrub the grime off, then immediately squeegee. With every squeegee make sure to wipe off your tool with your rag so that you are not causing streaks yourself. To keep the windows from getting dirty often, try to at least once every month or two use a vinegar/water solution to spray,and then wipe off the windows with a dry microfiber rag. Your homes windows are the eyes to your home so keep them maintained by not avoiding washing them often.