chalkboard that reads back to school with a globe books and balloons

1. Schedule a carpet and tile cleaning service. Most carpet cleaners offer tile and stone cleaning services as well as upholstery.  Email me directly for the best Austin carpet cleaning company I know and work with one on one.  We tend to put more emphasis on cleaning our carpets and forget about the tiled floors.  Take a moment to look at your one white grout and think if you can even imagine what it used to look like.  There are many summer germs in that tile that only a professional company can get out.  This is the week to set up that appointment!

2. Comforters and summer grime
Take the comforters off the beds and send them to the dry cleaners.  Kids ate in bed for breakfast, lunch, snacks and probably had the doggy and kitty with them joining in the fun while you were at work.  Look into discounts that dry cleaners run for cleaning of comforters to get the summer soils out.  Did you know Austin has an Eco Friendly dry cleaning company?  Email me directly for their information and discounts we can offer if you choose to use them as well.

3. Look beyond the shower curtain
Shower curtain liners most likely need to be replaced.  With the summer heat and mold build up in small places like the bathroom we rarely see the inside of our children’s showers unless we ourselves are showering in there too.  If your children’s bathrooms also become the guest bathroom when company arrives change the shower curtain liner today to eliminate your guests seeing it before you do.  If you currently use our services we can pick a new shower curtain liner up for you and add it to your monthly invoice.

4. Pantry clean out.
Make it easy for your children to find what’s needed for making their own lunch by assigning a shelf for lunch and snacks throughout the school year.  It’s also a good idea to line your pantries with shelf liners.  If your trash can has found a place in the pantry I would highly suggest taking it out and finding another home for it.  We don’t want trash and food smells in one on tomorrows dinner menu

5. Schedule a professional cleaning company
If you have a cleaning company ask them to pay special attention to door knobs, light fixtures, around door frames, fridge handles, under kids beds and the laundry room.  Pay your household staff extra to take care of these extra tasks this month so that the cleanings can go back to normal routine service in the next few weeks after the children are back in school.