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Gifting experiences over store bought gifts is the new rage that most would agree leave more of a lasting impression. I was already impressed by this staycation before my room keyopened the 🚪 door.
If you’re familiar with this Texas Hotel 🏨 that’s known for their collection of colorful 🖼 art, then you may think you know where this blog is going. I’m a regular at all of their locations, and even I was surprised by this experience. So buckle up, and read on with me for a quick overview of Austin’s Best 🥇 Staycation that will leave anyone with a memory of the experience.

Cabin Fever

My Daughter and I stayed in The Concept Suite called Cabin Fever.
The most memorable thing of walking into the door was that they even changed the lighting 💡 in the room to be dim to match the mood of the coziness of the cabin theme. ✅✅

Dog Art mixed with Landscape Art took us from the living room area to the AMAZINGLY memorable design of the bathroom.

Austin Staycation Bathroom

I just love a bathtub while staycationing and this Bathtub 🛀 was perfect.
The 🚿 shower was bigger than I expected, and my daughter raved about how the shower head had the best settings of water 💦 pressure. The color choice 🎨 was memorable and mood setting to say the least. This was and is one of my favorite Austin Hotel Bathrooms so far for the relaxing mood! 🏨🥇🏨🥇

Austin’s Staycation Bedroom

The Bedroom 🛌 had details that matched the cabin fever theme. The most memorable parts weren’t even the bed. It was the armoire and side table that made us fall in love with the bedroom. 💙💚
Since we are Austin’s Best Detail Home Cleaning Service, it was necessary for us to add a detail to the side table! So we personalized the cabin theme to match the Christmas Season. (No bears were harmed with our Personal Touch!)

  • Remember how I said I’m a Zaza hotel regular? Well this location did something that the others had never done during my stays. They actually provided turn down service on the bed and left chocolates and waters by the bed for the evening. 💙💚 Loved that Detail!

The balcony was small but there was room enough for me to enjoy the downtown morning fog with a cup of tea from the regular morning butlers pantry that ZAZA provides to guests on each floor by the elevators. Teas, coffee and Biscotti’s await you and I always partake!

Austin’s Best Staycation Hotel With Instagram Worthy Areas You Have To See!

What makes this Hotel Staycation worthy is not only the memorable rooms, but the amazing details on every floor of the hotel. The hit for us was Group Therapy on the 7th floor. When the elevator doors open, we were greeted with a memorable surprise. Of course about 25 pictures were taken here and all but one made it to the blog. Lol

Austin’s Best Staycation Bar & Restaurant All In One

Group Therapy is a restaurant that we ate breakfast and lunch at. Since it’s close to the pool 🏊🏽 I decided upon checkin to take advantage of the quietness and eat outside in one of the cute concept areas. It may seem basic, but the grilled cheese and tomato 🍅 basil 🌿 soup were a hit!
Add an old fashioned 🥃 or three 🥃🥃🥃 to the energy of the pool area and 💤 let The StayCation Begin.

Austin’s Amazing Staycation Gym

This Gym was the biggest I’ve seen in Zaza Hotels. (Then again I kind of skip the Gym when on staycations ) but this one was huge!

But There’s More For You To Explore At This Austin Staycation Vacation.

We had to get back to providing the best detailed, personal touch Austin Downtown Cleaning Services so we missed a few things on our visit. We didn’t get to dine downstairs at Perfect Strangers and we didn’t partake in the spa services.
So we are leaving the rest up to you to relax, renew and refresh while we provide cleaning services in Downtown Austin and beyond.