clean top loading washing machine

Take a moment and look inside your washing machine. If you have a front loader open the door and look in the creases of the opening where the rubber part meets the door. If you have a top loader bend down and look right under the rim. I am 100% sure that you see scum. A dirty washing machine cannot really clean clothes properly. The build up is made of detergents, fabric softeners, and old dirt that has stuck to the detergents. To clean your washing machine first get a clean damp rag and tooth brush and scrub the creases inside and around the rim of the machine. You will find gunk that will gross you out for sure. Take the soap dispensers out where you fill your detergents and fabric softeners then scrub the film out. Finally run an empty load by using vinegar instead of detergent. Let the water clean the machine without soap and see how much soap actually forms while this load is rinsing. Once the empty cycle is done re wipe out the crevices and now you are ready to actually wash clothes and know that they are clean. Austin eco friendly maid service Round Rock Eco friendly maid service