living room decorated for Christmas with a wreath and Christmas tree with white decorations

When you choose to purchase a fresh live Christmas tree it comes at a cost, and I don’t mean the purchase price. It sheds coming in, It sheds while it is up for decoration, and it sheds going out. Our vacuums tend to get a ton of use during the holiday season mainly because of the shedding of the christmas tree. However, this is in no way a good idea for the vacuum’s life. The pine needles are very thin and tend to clog the vacuum within minutes of vacuuming. You may not see the clog but that is where the danger lies. If we don’t unclog the unseen pine needles quickly it will cause the vacuum to work harder and eventually make the engine stop working altogether. This usually happens 2 months or so after Christmas so we tend to forget the major usage the vacuum got during the past season. You can empty your bag or canister, but you do need to unclog the hose and check underneath the vacuum where the main dirt intake is to remove all extra pine needles. I recommend using a shop vac every time for the removal of Christmas tree pine needles rather than your vacuum. Trust me I’ve broken a vacuum or two by vacuuming pine needles in my 14 years of business. Hard and expensive lesson learned! Serving Austin and surrounding counties with Eco friendly maid service for over 14 years.